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Tapered PVC Porch Columns: The Hallmark of Craftsman Style Curb Appeal

When it comes to porch columns, customers know exactly what they want. People have different tastes and requirements based on their home’s style, architecture, budget and vision for their curb appeal, however, there are a few factors that remain constant. Home builders, owners and architects expect porch columns to reflect quality craftsmanship in their construction. […]

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PVC Porch Columns, Dormer Doors and More: Where to Source and Why?

Now that many homeowners and home builders and switching to PVC porch columns and other durable materials for crawl space doors, attic access doors and various elements of a home, you are sure to find many websites and businesses cropping up claiming to sell the ‘best products’. It can be hard to tell which seller […]

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Specialty Millwork: Giving Your Home Its Unique Character

If you’ve ever admired a house for its unique architectural details, chances are you’ve seen decorative brackets, gables, custom valances and corbels at work. These elements of specialty millwork are often what set a home apart and stay in your mind long after they’ve caught your attention. These seemingly minor details are usually tucked away […]

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Porch Column Styles (Sound Like Greek to You?)

Porch columns are the heart and soul of your home’s exteriors and have the biggest influence on your curb appeal. And you have the ancient Greeks to thank for that! The style of most porch columns you see in American homes originated from ancient Greek architecture. The shape of the column, the amount of ornamentation […]

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Ineffective Crawl Space Doors

Other Foundation Space Mistakes to Avoid Crawl space issues are very common and most homeowners have faced them at one point or another. When it comes to keeping your home’s crawl space safe, properly insulated and out of reach for pests and rodents, ensure you’re not making these mistakes. Mistake #1: Ineffective Crawl Space Doors: […]

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